Black and Decker 500w hedge trimmer

Lightweight Hedge Trimmers Review

If your edges seem in need of a cut, it’s indeed time you invest in a hedge trimmer. With the right replica, you may be able to work much quicker and more comfortable. There are three kinds of hedge trimmer you can choose from. This includes electric trimmer, cordless trimmer, and multi-tool machines.

Electric trimmers are ideal for smaller and bigger gardens. In case you do not want to fret yourself with sweeping cable then a rechargeable cordless hedge trimmer may be your answer. The multi-tool machines apart from just edge cutting can do a whole lot more. That said below are the six best lightweight hedge trimmers.


GTech HT05

The battery of this trimmer can last an impressive forty-five minutes. This trimmer is more comfortable to maneuver thus saving you the trouble of choosing a ladder for the tip of overgrown edges because it has an angled head and arm that can reach two meters.


Bosch AHS

Bosch AHS has a seventy-centimeter long blade that can cut neatly and finely through all sized branches in no time. It’s exceedingly enjoyable to use in that it angles while leaving you in complete control. It is a considerable investment for larger edges. Thus you can offer to do the whole street edges once you get it.


Black and Decker 500w hedge trimmer

This chorded machine is an ideal choice for huge margins especially if you desire to configure them in a particular fashion. The trimmer is well balanced, and its cord cannot get in the way as with other trimmers. The machine is lightweight, and its blades last well thus can be music to the ears of individuals who’ve grappled with weightier trimmers. Top choice for a small budget



Ryobi corded hedge trimmer

Among the benefits of this robust chorded hedge trimmer are the easy to use hedge sweeper attachments that sweep away extracts and the presence of five position rotation rear handle making it pleasant to use. You’ll be able to get a clean and neat finish even on heavy branches more quickly than with other trimmers. This is because the machine is fast and mighty.



It’s petrol-powered multi-tool trimmer that is light in weight thus ideal for women. This trimmer can perform tasks like trimming of long grasses, pruning of dead wood and branches from trees, etc. Contrary to most petrol powered machines, this trimmer is more comfortable to fire up and well balanced to grasp. Additionally, it has an extended hedge trimmer blade and an extension shaft which is excellent for top edges.


Flymo EasiCut 420

Flymo EasiCut 420

The front handle of this hedge trimmer is sketched in such a way you can clasp a vertical grip to cut hedge sides or hold a rounded front handle to cut hedge tops. These features make this chorded machine more comfortable to hold and move about. The trimmer can cut very well leaving a pleasant finishing.



The above are the six best lightweight hedge trimmers you can find. Two significant features you’ll need to consider when planning to buy a hedge trimmer is its blade, and it’s tooth gap width in that the longer the blade, the faster you’ll be able to trim your edge, while leafy branches mean you’ll require a wide tooth gap.



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