Best Hedge Trimmers of 2018

A well-groomed lawn in the suburban area has always been considered a sign of a good tone and a partial owner. But the site will look fine only after a number of procedures: the addition of fertilizers to the soil, its regular watering and the stable grass mowing. And if earlier it was necessary to work all day with a scythe, then in our technological time there are special garden tools, including trimmers. So, what is a trimmer?

In simple terms, the trimmer is a powerful tool, equipped with a motor and working on the principle of a braid: the tool has a manual control and mows the high stems with a cutting element. It’s easy to understand how to use the trimmer.

In fact, each type of this tool has a simple design – a metal pipe is attached to the engine with a cutting element in the form of a line or blade. The user safely locks the device and presses the button to activate the mechanism, smoothly adjusting the bevel line.


In any good garden tools store there are many different models and a logical question arises – “How to choose a trimmer?”. Well, like any complex device, the trimmer has a number of important characteristics that differentiate the models from each other and determine their functions.

Decide which trimmer is best accounted only based on the capabilities and goals of the user. The garden trimmer is ideal for hard-to-reach and problematic lawns when an ordinary lawnmower is useless,, if you want much info. This tool is optimal for those cases when the surface of the site is far from ideal, and the vegetation is not homogeneous. Using a coil with a fishing line as a cutting tool, it is possible to mow effectively along a wall or a fence, while a knife when colliding with hard objects either becomes dull or breaks.

But which trimmer is better – electric or gasoline? What should be the location of the engine – top or bottom?

Consider the variety of the tool in more detail and determine – which trimmer is better to choose.

Devices are divided into three types:

  • accumulator;
  • electric;
  • gasoline.

Petrol trimmer is the most popular kind among the owners of garden tools. Standard household segment models, as a rule, have low price and low power. They have minimal equipment, but this is enough for most of the garden work. Professional models are found on the streets in the inventory of communal workers, they have a more powerful engine, and the cutting element is able to handle any vegetation with a diameter of up to 1.5 cm.

Advantages and disadvantages of types of trimmers

Advantages and disadvantages of types of trimmers

Undoubted merits of benzotrimers include: tremendous power, mobility, maneuverability and endurance. Such tools are vital when working on huge overgrown areas. It should be noted that devices with a four-stroke motor are filled with clean fuel, and not with a special mixture, which has a positive effect on the longevity of the mechanism.

However, the disadvantages of gasoline trim tabs can make you think about the advisability of buying them:

  • expensive fuel significantly increases the user’s costs, because the fuel consumption is directly proportional to the engine power;
  • loud noise during work distracts not only the user, but also neighbors, making it difficult to enjoy unity with nature;
  • Exhaust gases deteriorate the atmosphere and harm green plantations;
  • The considerable weight of the tool makes it uncomfortable for use by people with a modest physique.