Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Hedge trimmer or hand hedge trimmer has not yet been used as often as a motorcycle or lawn mower, but it is an indispensable tool for cutting shrubs or giving the necessary form of a hedge. Which brush cutter is better to choose – gasoline or electric?

Gasoline trimmer

Gasoline models make it possible to work with the tool anywhere, and thanks to the size of the tires, they can cope even with fairly thick shoots.

On the other hand, the gasoline engine requires constant maintenance, the fuel must be constantly mixed with oil, when working, the hedge trimmer is very noisy and smokes

Weight models with a gasoline engine, too, leaves much to be desired – 5 kg, even for not very long work will come on the back of not everyone, especially women.

Therefore, a petrol hedge trimmer is a good option, if you need to work with shrubs on a remote site from civilization, you do not mind the weight of the unit and the noise of its operation.

Electric trimmer

Electric trimmer

Manual hedge trimmers working on the power grid weigh about 1.5-2 times less than their gasoline counterparts. They are also less noisy and vibrate when working than hedge trimmers working on gasoline.

Disadvantages – low power, which is not enough to cut off shoots more than 1.5 cm thick and complete dependence on the electrical outlet. If there is no power supply on the site or access to the outlet is difficult, then this option will definitely not work for you. In addition, the presence of an electric wire imposes a number of restrictions on the mobility and convenience of using an electric brush brush.

Part of these drawbacks lacks a battery hedge trimmer – the most expensive, but also the most convenient option for trimming thin shoots (up to 0.9 cm) option. In most cases, it can be held with one hand, it weighs little, does not consume gasoline and does not depend on the outlet, almost no noise.

Spoonful of tar in a barrel of honey in addition to the cost is a short work time without recharging – an average of only 30-40 minutes.

What should be the garden trimmer?

What else should I consider when choosing trimmer:

  • Power – the more it is, the thicker branches will be able to cope with a garden hedge trimmer. Ordinary for garden needs is quite enough capacity of 450-500 watts, when it comes to electric models, and up to 700 watts for gasoline.
  • Length of the tire – a long tire is used for tall or wide hedges and large trees that need to be simply leveled, but figured cutting is much more convenient with a short working part – 22-40 cm.
  • Number of cutting faces – with the help of a hedge trimmer with a double-sided tire, bushes can be cut much faster and more efficiently, and one-sided ones are used where accuracy is required, not speed.
  • Step knives – that is, the distance between the cutting parts. The bigger it is, the thicker the branches with which the hedge trimmer can work.

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